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PowerLogic communication devices. EGX100 Ethernet gateway The EGX300 can form a simple, scalale we-ased monitoring solution providing real-time data views, on-oard data logging/trending, and simple control for field devices. More information How Do You Reduce Energy Costs And Prolong The Life Of Your Equipment? Compatiility PowerLogic software is recommeded as a user interface ecause. PM800 Micrologic Sepam Powerlogic EGX100 Schneider Electric Square D.

PowerLogic PM800 series Schneider Electric The EGX300 helps provide a system solution that can upgrade to include monitoring software for more advanced data collection, trending, alarm/event management, analysis and other functions. Power Logic PM800 series power meters Buildings Industry Data Center Compact power, energy and power quality meters The Square D Power Logic More information Power quality monitoring and analysis with reliability Power Logic CM4000 series circuit monitors Buildings Industry Data Center Intellent metering and control devices Whether in offices, classrooms, More information User Manual 1 Contents Contents 2 Chapter 1 Overview 3 1.1 NMC package contents 4 1.2 NMC CD Resources 4 1.3 Features 4 1.4 NMC Applications 5 Chapter 2 NMC parameters setting via serial COM port 6 2.1 More information RTU560 product line Communication Unit 560CMU05 Data sheet E1 10/100 MB LAN E2 10/100 MB LAN CP1, CP2 RS232C or RS485 Ethernet Controller Ethernet Controller USART Processor bus MPU ELAN520 /Flash Memory More information Intesis Box KNX Panasonic Air Conditioners Gateway for Panasonic ECOi and PACi system integration into KNX networks Up to 30 Outdoor units Up to 64 Indoor units PA-AC-KNX-64/128 EIA485 U1U2 line U1U2 line More information Square D Clipsal DIN-Rail Four-Channel Auxiliary Input Unit SLCLE5504AUX for Use with Wired C-Bus Networks Instruction Bulletin Retain for future use. PowerLogic PM800 series - Compact, modularly flexible meters for feeders or critical loads.

Power Meter Series 800 - Schneider Electric Power Logic EGX100 Ethernet gateway PE86138 Function The EGX100 serves as an Ethernet gateway for Power Logic system devices and for any other communicating devices utilising the Modus protocol. Power Meter PM800 Series meter display screen showing bar. for use with PM800, CM3000, and CM4000 series meters. Option modules selection guide. Installation and connection cont. Remote display kit. DB109274. A. B. C. D. E.

USF Specifications for Automated Metering - University of South The EGX100 gateway offers complete access to status and measurement information provided y the connected devices via Power Logic software installed on a PC. PQMII POWER QUALITY METER – INSTRUCTION MANUAL. PowerLogic PM800. calculated every two cycles using true Root Mean Square RMS. 4WY/D. Also a I/O retrofit kit Part # 442692-001 with 1 KYZ output.

Power Monitoring & Control - Schneider Electric Power Logic software compatiility Power Logic software is recommeded as a user interface ecause they provide access to all status and measurement information. The EGX100 is compatile with: Power Logic ION EEM enterprise enery management software Power Logic ION Enterprise power management software Power Logic System Manager power management software Power Logic Power View power monitoring software Power Logic EGX100 Architecture Power Logic software Ethernet Modus TCP/IP EGX100 gateway Modus RS485 serial link Setup Setup via an Ethernet network Once connected to an Ethernet network, the EGX100 gateway can e accessed y a standard internet rowser via its IP address to: specify the IP address, sunet mask and gateway address of the EGX gateway confure the serial port parameters (aud rate, parity, protocol, mode, physical interface and timeout value) create user accounts create or update the list of the connected products with their Modus or Power Logic communication parameters confure IP filtering to control access to serial devices access Ethernet and serial port diagnostic data update the firmware specify the user language Setup via a serial connection Serial setup is carried out using a PC connected to the EGX100 via an RS232 link. Use it to uncover hidden power problems that can shorten. b Perform fast, manual control operations by clicking on-screen trger buttons. b PM800 Series.

GPS Time Sync Overview - Cyber Sciences This setup: specifies the IP address, sunet mask and gateway address of the EGX gateway specifies the language used for the setup session Part numers ION6200 PM800 Micrologic Sepam Powerlogic EGX100 Schneider Electric Square D EGX100 EGX100MG EGX100SD 2 Version E4020Power Logic EGX100 Ethernet gateway Characteristics Weht EGX g PE86138 Dimensions (Hx Wx D) Mounting 80.8 x 72 x 65.8 mm Din rail Power-over-Ethernet (Po E) Class 3 Power supply Maximum urden 24 Vdc if not using Po E 4 W Operating temperature -25 to 70ºC Humidity rating 5 to 95% relative humidity (without condensation) at 55ºC Regulatory/standards compliance for electromagenetic interference Emissions (radiated and conducted) EN55022/EN55011/FCC class A Immunity for industrial environments: - electrostatic discharge EN Power Logic EGX100 - radiated RF EN electrical fast transients EN surge EN conducted RF EN power frequency EN magnetic field EN Regulatory/standards compliance for safety International (CB scheme) IEC USA UL508/UL60950 Canada cul (complies with CSA C22.2, no ) Europe EN Australia/New Zealand AS/NZS Serial ports Numer of ports 1 Types of ports RS232 or RS485 (2-wire or 4-wire), depending on settings Maximum aud rate Maximum numer of connected devices Modus RTU/ASCII, Power Logic (SY/MAX), Jus or aud depending on settings 32 (directly) 247 (indirectly) Ethernet port Numer of ports 1 Type of port 10/100 Base TX (802.3af) port HTTP, Modus TCP/IP, FTP, SNMP (MIB II) Installation Din rail mounting E4020Version 7.1 3 Power Logic EGX300 Integrated gateway-server PE86181 Function The EGX300 is an Ethernet-ased device providing a simple transparent interface etween Ethernet-ased networks and field devices. Protocols DCF77 used by Square D and Eaton meters and CyTime event recorders and. DCF77. 1per10. STR-100. Satellite Time. Reference. PowerLogic. PM800. The service mark, “Power Reliability and Energy Efficiency. Enabled.

Power Xpert Insht Offline Confuration Example - These include meter, monitors, protective relays, trip units, motor controls and other devices that communicate using Modus TCP/IP, Modud, JBUS, or Power Logic protocol. Item, Name, Model, IP Address, Port, SSL, External Page, User Name, Password. 2, Publisher. 179, PM700 Series, Square D PM800 Series. 180, PM800.

PowerLogic communication devices. EGX100 Ethernet gateway
PowerLogic <i>PM800</i> series Schneider Electric
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