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Sh1 GNU Bourne-Again SHell - Linux man page - In practice, built-ins behave a lot like functions that don't have an in-language definition, but not quite (as becomes apparent if you are twisted enough to define a function ed eval [arg ...] The args are read and concatenated together into a single com- mand. Bash also incorporates useful features from the Korn and C shells ksh and csh. Bash is intended to be a conformant implementation of the Shell and Utilities.

Manual Page - sh1 This command is then read and executed by the shell, and its exit status is returned as the value of eval. Each command is run as a separate process; the shell waits for the last command to terminate. The value of a pipeline is the exit status of its.

Bash Reference Manual - GNU If there are no args, or only null arguments, eval returns 0. Shell Commands. 3.5.3 Shell Parameter Expansion. These definitions are used throughout the remainder of this manual. POSIX.

Linux Basics - Introduction HPCC @ UCR - Eval [arg ...] The args are read and concatenated together into a single command. The scope of this manual is a brief introduction on how to get started using powerful Linux. To log-in into the remote Linux shell, open terminal and type.

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