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Musical Surroundings SuperNova II Phono Preamp - Needle Doctor Using a computer program I extract the spurious contents (distortion) impinging on the orinal snal as it exits the device. Musical Surroundings SuperNova II Phono Preamp. Product Review The SuperNova II is a the latest version of this model. It has two phono inputs and one AUX.

SuperNova 2 Owner's Manual - Michael Yee Audio The process than is to find and analyze and eliminate the causes of the distortion". The SuperNova 2 preamplifier owner's manual. SuperNova Preamplifier. Source Selector. Attenuator. Musical Surroundings. Status left rht. PHONO 2. AUX.

The Musical Surroundings Nova Phonomena Phono Preamplifier. Ike Yee seems to have befriended me, I'm not exactly sure why but I think it's all to the good. He informed me that it was his latest phono preamplifier and it was. my card in the box and said I'd be in touch for a review sample. Yee derived much of the circuitry from his more expensive ,800.00US SuperNova.

Nova II Phono PreampliferSRP 00 - Audiophile Audition It turns out that he desns and manufactures Audio components that I think have a musical purity hard to match anywhere else. A very hh quality phono preamp at a reasonable price; runs on batteries. Specs Larger case with silver or black anodized finish. 5dB better S/N than. SuperNova II have been incorporated by Yee into the Nova II.

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Super nova phono preamp manual:

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